Kindness a day keeps the distress away:

Saman Naqvi
3 min readJan 18, 2021

Does any 5 acts of kindness make difference to our daily life? Does it really lead to contentment? Well the lives of people are going through so unbelievable changes these days. The self centered attitude and being so busy with their routines, people have forgotten to love the essence of life. I, at the same time, am the one who feels left out most of the time. Busy scrolling up and down on all social media apps and “look busy doing nothing attitude” should come to an end. I found this topic to write about acts of kindness because world is really getting short of kindness alongwith the shortage of water and trees. I feel that today’s world is really being very cruel to its living creatures or let me say humans have become very barbaric for all other creatures including human themselves. So I thought of working on acts of kindness that can really make difference to our lives:

1. Listening to people:

I have been a little bit more keen and caring around people who want to share their thoughts. People are reluctant and fear sharing what their ideas are about life. The fear of being judged is always there. So I think, the most important thing is to make them feel more open and carefree about their feelings so that they are more vocal and this may lead to contentment.

2. Helping the needy:

Every person has a hero in his life who has impressed him once in one way or the other and I would say that hero for me were my Grandparents. I always got to see their attitude of sharing what they had and even if they had to help the needy by lending from others, they did it. I used to see that in my childhood and now I always try to keep a part for the people to whom it really belongs.

3. Not to litter on roads:

I have made it my way not to throw anything on roads while travelling. It is a small, still important act of kindness we can do to our environment that is being destroyed due to our careless attitude.

4: Self dependency for daily routine:

I have been very careless about my daily routine things like making up bed or setting up closet. But now I feel that one should be responsible of all his work so I take part greatly in doing at least my own things and not to be a burden on my mother anymore.

5. Shutting off doors when necessary:

As far as we should be a linkage of peace for others, we also have to take care of our own mental health. This is a small act of kindness for own selves. We must open doors for the things and people who bring peace in our lives but, at the same time, we should not take a single minute to shut out toxic people who are always pushing down our efforts and looking down upon us. This negativity can be very toxic and we should know the right time to say goodbye.



Saman Naqvi

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