Saman Naqvi
5 min readFeb 5, 2021

Power of Gratitude:

The day hatched and tons of responsibilities started blinking at the back of head. Dreams, deadlines, workload, competition..! Just put everything aside and rewind one minute of your life.

Are we thankful enough that we are able to live another day? Are we thankful enough that we are provided with another breakfast on our table?

Thousands of people just live each day to worry about one time meal. Facts say that millions of people are struggling hard for one time food in US America. If developed states are on this verge then where are the countries like Pakistan and India standing?

We always think that we are living on the edge and keep countersigning the losses. Our worries and problems may not lessen by being thankful but we become able to see the positive and how our lives are better than millions of people out there.

Problem arises when..!

  • We are hurrying:

We feel ourselves in the valley of despair when we want things before time. We have to have a hustle free mind and most importantly, endurance to reach the destination is really required. Certain things that really put us back and decrease our capabilities is that we want things to work over night. We don’t start a goal and start thinking of reaching the top very earlier. But success comes with consistency. It is not an overnight thing achieved by moving a magic wand.

To make all the things go right, Patience is a key.

  • We do wrong comparisons:

We do think about the scenarios that are built in our minds only and do not have any reality. We compare ourselves with someone who is born with different capabilities — Time to realise that we all have born with different qualities has come. We also compare ourselves with people who are beautiful or more influential. A person with big car or an expensive mobile phone can easily built an impact on us and we are a trap of complex.

An orange and an apple are different naturally but no one is jealous of other.

  • Low self esteem:

The people who compare themselves with others or get depressed by seeing others doing good have low self esteem. They find others better than themselves in one way or the other and fall prey to inferiority complex. It is needed to be ended. We have to work on our personalities to elevate our capabilities. This will surely build up confidence to achieve more things in life.

Where are the solutions??

In order to cope a busy day at work, one must start day with positivity and that largely comes from our daily routine. Some very easy steps can help us jump over the laziness and raise the bar for success.

  • A spoonful of gratitude with healthy breakfast:

We have to work on our heath to maintain consistency in our goals. Sound body keeps a healthy mind that is our famous childhood rhyme we used to sing but it is actually meaningful.

  • Being thankful even if not perfect:

There is nothing as perfect except the one Who created us. We are really inspired by people’s lives especially in this era of social media. We think that celebs may be having the best lives because of their stardom. Well, this thought is totally rapturous having no connection with reality. But truth is that they are also struggling each day. They struggle to look good. They struggle to complete the deadlines. They struggle for competition.They also have hard time with their goals and life is never even. Things are different on screen and off screen. So what are we competing for?

  • Stop being a social media man:

Too much relying on social media can be seriously detrimental for our lives. All the time,being a slave to it, is destroying our mental capabilities and we cannot just get away from it. The game of likes and follows is spreading like a disease that alludes terrible predictions of one’s future. So, we have to come out of it and seek help in our surrounding.

  • Have a hobby:

Instead of wasting time on social media and thinking ill, we must find out a hobby or work routine to kick worries away and make us feel wanted in the society. It will not only save out time but also make our self esteem elevated. It is famously said:

A hobby a day, keeps the doldrums away”.

  • Build a positive fence around yourself:

Your whole world is the average of 4 to 5 people who are mostly around you. So make the best use of this figure 5. Have such people around you who are not discouraging and help you to live a better life.

  • Start counting your blessings:

The key formula of being happy is to start counting the blessings we are provided with. This will surely left us flabbergasted that we are so happy and blessed people living on earth. You can write each day in your diary what makes you thankful!

Saman Naqvi

I am struggling to grow each day by unlearning the things becoming hurdle in my way!