Why Are We Created In Communities?— A Journey Of Totality

Saman Naqvi
3 min readFeb 11, 2021


Everything is connected like a chain

The creation of universe is a massive mystery as long as we try to understand the idea of linkage . People were may be the reason behind every other thing that came into existence. Adam and Eve was created for this world or the world was created for them. Population busted out and things came into existence one after the other. People settling around rivers — civilization growth took place. From oldest Sumerian civilization to the present world, world has drastically changed.

But what never changed was the idea of totality.

What else spread like fire along with people?

Animals could never survive alone so the plants were created for them or vice versa. The human could not survive alone so the animals were created for them or the other way round. From living to non living, every aspect got connected in a circle. Frozen mountains to the rivers and oceans, light to the darkness and sun to the moon, there is a connection. Air is connected to space and space is surrounding the universe. Nature always fortified the idea of totality and everything is existing at its best due to one another’s presence.

Colors are mixture of each other. Chemicals belong to composition of all of the substances. In short, You belong to I and I belong to you. The universe has been created in a beautiful sequence and so is human being.

The hard work of a single man could never result in the developed of this world. Many scientists from small to big contributed. Energies kept on uniting and present world was created. From buildings to roads and cities to countries, there was a commonality.

Trees make forests and forests give cover to thousands of birds. Air connects the desert and forests. Forests transform into deserts. All biomes are connected. Seasons are precursors of one another. So what we can divide?

Human beings have to revise the lessons of togetherness.

This sequential manner of nature breaks every rule of being YOU and being ME. There is a message if one can listen that breaks every layer of differences. So why are we fighting in the race of good, better or best? Racism, color, territorial distribution, hatred, religion, language can be among thousands of reasons to look down upon one another — But we can stand together due to only one strong rationale that is our creation.

Rumi the famous poet once said:

“ We are ONE. Everything in the universe belongs to you. Ask from yourself “

We really need to ponder that where our place is, in the well of hatred or in the garden of love.

The idea of human beings living in community is a massage of fortifying and growth of each other. Man could not survive alone. They are dependent on each other for each and every single move they are making in their lives. So the lamps may be different but the light is same everywhere.

what a rhyme!

There is MALE


Mr is every Mrs

HE in each SHE

Which prove that

MAN can’t live

without no MAN



Saman Naqvi

I am struggling to grow each day by unlearning the things becoming hurdle in my way!